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What Will a Ring Light Do for Me?

What Will a Ring Light Do for Me?

Perfect lighting, perfect color temperature, perfect scene. In a nutshell, ring lights will help you create a perfectly lighted subject and scene, meaning top-notch photography and attention-to-detail in makeup art.

It is no wonder why ring lights are one of the most popular devices in the photography and beauty industries. For businesses, professionals, individuals, and amateurs alike, ring lights can have a ton of benefits. Your possibilities with a ring light are endless. To give you some insight into how great these innovative tools are, here are five of the main impacts that ring lights can have for you:

  1. Perfectly balanced light.

Shadows and highlights will no longer be of concern to you once you buy a ring light online. The circular shape of ring lights naturally eliminate shadows and ensures your subject is perfectly lit in the frame. Ring Light City is the solution to getting the perfect selfie or achieving stable light for makeup artistry.

  1. Special halo eye lighting.

Have you ever been scrolling though Instagram and seen a circle halo in someone’s eyes, and wondered how they achieved that? Ring lights are the answer! The brightness of a ring light can produce a flattering sparkle in your eye, which will be sure to turn heads when you post the pic to your social channels.

  1. Suitable place to position your camera.

Prior to the creation of ring lights, photographers and videographers had to place their camera beside or in front of studio lights. This meant that an unwanted shadow was often cast on the subject of the image, and the lighting was imperfectly balanced. Thanks to ring lights, these professionals can now position their cameras in the center of the light, meaning the camera has no impact on the lighting of the subject. The ring lights in our online store come with accessories to help you position/hold your smartphone or camera in the middle of the light. Our popular Mini 10 Inch Ring Light comes with a tripod stand and smartphone mount.

  1. Ability to create unique effects.

Unlike other studio lights, many ring lights come equipped with a variety of lighting settings and effects. This allows you to experience with different dimness settings and tones until you find a lighting style that suits your scene. Most of our ring lights come with three modes of warm and cool tones, and the brightness can also be adjusted with ease.

  1. Soft, flattering light.

Unbalanced photos are often caused by bad lighting. When the sun is too bright, or your room is too dark, your images and mirror reflections may appear grainy or overexposed. Using a ring light will help you get soft light that is flattering for all types of people. A high quality ring light is a certain way to guarantee you will look admirable in every selfie you take.



Technically, all ring lights, regardless of size, will have great benefits to you. Whether you are applying makeup, styling hair, taking photographs, or filming videos, an inappropriately sized ring light is better than no ring light at all. However, as a smart purchaser, it is valuable for you to consider what you will be using your ring light for to understand what size ring light might make the most sense for your application.

Below, we have listed a number of different professions and types of individuals, plus the type of ring light that best suits their needs. You can try and find yourself on this list and see what ring light we recommend for you.

Amateur Makeup Artist: If you are a beginner in the makeup industry, we recommend that you purchase a medium-sized ring light. A great option could be our Mini 10 inch Ring Light. When the time is right and you begin to take on clients, you can consider upgrading to a slightly larger ring light, such as our 18 Inch LED Ring Light Kit. This will be more likely to impress your clients and add value to your working studio.

Professional Makeup Artist: As a working makeup artist who deals with clients, it is important that you have excellent lighting tools to help you perfect your work. We recommend investing in our 18 Inch LED Ring Light Kit. Because of its size, this ring light is guaranteed to balance the lighting throughout your studio and allow you to create ideal makeup designs. It is powerful and bright enough to work in all conditions, so you can say yes to outdoor environments if that type of job opportunity ever arises.

Amateur photographer: If you are unsure about whether photography is a short-term fad or life-long dream, it may be best to first buy a low-cost ring light before investing heavily in a top-notch option. We recommend a 18 Inch Ring Light for all upcoming photographers.

Professional photographer: As a professional photographer, you will need a ring light and sturdy tripod that can hold your professional-sized camera. Our 18 Inch LED Ring Light Kit is a safe and reliable option, but a 17” or 18” option may also suffice depending on the exact size of your DSLR. These larger ring lights will allow you to work both indoors and outdoors, therefore suiting all types of shoot environments. Alternatively, for micro photography, you could also have a small ring light accessible to use.

Painters and artists: To fully engage in visual arts, you will need soft and balanced art studio lighting. Ring lights are used by many painters and drawers to give them a fair view of colors and tones. We suggest the 18 Inch LED Ring Light Kit as a ring light for visual artists, as the large circular light will act as a strong and abundant light source.

Videographer: Shooting excellent video footage requires you to always be on the go with your video camera, so a lightweight ring light is essential to avoid getting weighed down. Our 18 Inch Ring Light Kit is a perfect lighting solution for videographers, as it comes fully equipped with a cradle head and carry bag. Plus, you can generate unique effects with the wide dimming range and warm/cool brightness settings.

Digital blogger: Bloggers have a unique set of requirements for their ring lights, which is why we created a special ring light just for them. Our 10 Inch Desk Ring Light is perfect for professionals who operate behind a desk or table. Instead of having a tripod, this product is equipped with a sturdy desktop stand, so you can film away in front of the light without any risk of the light/camera swaying or falling mid-video.

Real estate agent: Interestingly, several top real estate agents are opting to use ring lights in their real estate photography and open house inspections. The ring lights help to flatter a room and make it seem as spacious as possible. To get the greatest impact, we recommend that real estate agents invest in a 18 Inch LED Ring Light Kit.

Content creator or social media influencer: A quality ring light is the key to a quality selfie. For influencers and selfie-lovers, we strongly recommend our 10 Inch Ring Light With Tripod. This product comes with a portable selfie stick attachment, meaning you can easily take photos from your smartphone wherever you may be.

Scientist: To supplement standard laboratory lighting, many scientists are buying ring lights to gain better visibility when studying and analysing small-scale materials and subjects. A Beauty Flexible Ring Light will work for most scientists studying microscopic items, however a larger ring light may be necessary if a sizable microscope needs to fit through the central hole. In this case, a Pro 18 Inch Ring Light might be best.

Office professional: Since COVID-19 starting circulating, many office professionals have been using ring lights when they conduct Zoom or Facetime meetings. We recommend a 10 Inch Ring Light for this purpose, as it is a cost-effective and easy-to-use option.

General use: If you don’t fit into any of the above categories, but still want a ring light for personal use, we recommend an affordable selfie ring light that is easy to use and transport. Our Flexible Ring Light and Makeup Entry 10” LED Ring Light are two of the most popular products for general and amateur use.


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