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18 inch LED Ring Light Kit

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Having a professional studio in your own house is now possible!

Imagine being able to get studio quality lighting, without even leaving the comfort of your own home.

Finally, you have everything you need to grow your social media, with the LED Right Light Kit.

Our kit will create a perfect shadowless full lighting around your face.

Perfect for video bloggers, and make-up artists to look more flawless than ever.

Now, you’ll be able to create clearer well-lit content than you could have ever imagined!

With the LED Right Light Kit, you can expect a precise, high-quality multi-filter LED Lighting at the press of a single button, it will even last over 50,000 hours, and won't ever create an annoying humming noise.

Perfect for video bloggers, and make-up artists to look more flawless than ever.



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The LED Ring Light Kit, is the world's best at home lighting system.


Our Kit is so advanced that it's even used by professional make-up studios, YouTubers, and hair salons. Now you can get top notch lighting without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

The LED Ring Light Kit is so advanced that it's even used by professional makeup studios, YouTubers, and hair salons. Now you can get top notch lighting without ever leaving the comfort of your home!

Think of it this way - you'll never have to find the perfect floor to ceiling window during the day, struggle in front of a tiny mirror or create content that you spend hours editing for just the perfect look.

We've asked 1000s of content curators, makeup artists, and personal users how they use their lighting and designed the LED Ring Light Kit to have the perfect illumination at the touch of a button with a simple setup and the use of almost any camera.

What are you waiting for? Get the lighting you need to create chic content or even make sure your selfies are on point!



Great for taking photos and videos for:

  • Facebook Live
  • Youtube tutorials
  • Instagram Stories
  • Professional Photography & Video
  • Makeup tutorials
  • Conference Calls
  • Marketing yourself on Social Media
  • FaceTime
  • Skype Calls
  • Makes a Great Gift!



Our Kit Includes:

    18 Inch Professional LED ring light.

    Collapsible light stand.

    DSLR camera mount with 1/4 fitting.

    Smartphone mount that securely holds all phones!



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